One of the most common muscle building supplements that is sold is creatine. Many people are under the impression that creatine holds some type of ‘magical’ properties that when taken, will really help them start growing a great deal of muscle – FAST.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work this way.

While creatine can definitely be a beneficial bodybuilding supplement to take, it isn’t going to make you ‘huge’ overnight.

How Creatine Works

Basically creatine works by increasing the body’s stores of natural creatine, which is then used to fuel muscular contractions. When the creatine in the muscles runs out, fatigue sets in and you are required to stop.

Therefore, if you can increase these stores in your body through supplementation, it only stands to reason that your workout performance is going to improve.

So, creatine essentially works by allowing your body to work out harder without becoming fatigued.

It is then your hard work that Testogen ingredients will get the results you see when it comes to weight gain.

This means that while creatine will help you with your workouts, it really is just an enhancement to an already sound muscle building program and diet.

If you think you can rely on creatine to do the work for you, you will be largely mistaken.

How To Take Creatine

So, that leaves us with the question of how you should go about taking creatine.

The best method is to begin with a loading phase, where you will consume 20 grams of creatine for five straight days.

This will help to fully saturate the body’s stores and get you primed for the maintenance stage.

Keep in mind that during this time you should be drinking more water than usual, as creatine itself tends to cause the body to retain water. Additional to that, if you notice a significant jump on the scale during this time, remember that this is partially due to water weight gained and not true muscle mass.

After you’ve finished the five day loading phase, then you should move into a maintenance phase where you consume 5 grams on a daily basis.

How long you choose to do this is really up to you; some guys like to cycle their creatine use with on and off periods while others prefer not to.

Just keep in mind that regardless of whether you are on creatine or not, you still do need that caloric surplus to start seeing a gain in muscle mass as well. Since you can’t build muscle out of nothing, if you aren’t supplying the building blocks, your results will be short-circuited.

So, be sure to give creatine some consideration in your supplement purchases. As long as you take it as recommended and are still getting in good workouts, it should serve to help you get the results you’re looking for.