So you just finish watching Baywatch, what a show! And you are just sort of wondering if you to can get body like that. So now you can you can start the frantic search of the internet for information on how to gain weight and build muscle fast … real fast.

Surprisingly gaining weight and building muscle are two really simple processes. To gain weight one simply has to eat more and to build muscle requires working out with weights. Well that’s not strictly true. You need to add a few guidelines around these simple processes.

In order to build muscle you need to get yourself down to the gym … yes that place we don’t really want to go. You need to get hold of some weights … well you need to be able to at least pick them up. Lifting weights will stress your muscles. By continuing to lift these weights will cause small micro tears in the muscle fibers. It is the repairing of these micro tear that builds muscle. The scientific name for this is “hypertrophy”.

So now it is time for a secret. Ready! Pick up the diet pills over the counter heaviest weights you can until you can no longer do a single repetition, even if there was a gun held to your head. Ideally this muscle failure should occur between 5 and 7 repetitions. This will ensure that the micro tears occur in the muscle.

The moment you leave the gym your body gets going on making sure you will survive. It starts repairing those damaged muscle fibers and makes them stronger than before. It does this so you can handle the same stress to your muscles that you just put them through. Little does you body know that you intend to increase the level of stress by increasing the weights next time you are in the gym.

Increasing muscle mass is starting to add weight to your body as well. However your body does need a little help from you as regards nutrition. In order for your body to repair the muscles properly it needs the right nutrients. You can give your body the right nutrients by eating proteins such as chicken, meat and fish as well as good complex carbohydrates and good fats. Make sure that you also eat more than your body requires if you want to continue to gain muscle mass. You cannot build muscle mass and lose weight at the same time.

So now you know how to gain weight and build muscle fast there is no excuse for have a Baywatch type body.