Weight loss is not the concern only of modern generation. In fact, it is a matter of concern since the world’s first dieter saw his bulging belly and thought that he need to shed some pounds. So, the history of weight loss dates back to several hundred years. There are so many quick weight fad diets available in the market, but it does not attract all of them. People need something that should not only help them in losing weight quickly, but also retain it. Here is a list of never told facts about quick weight loss diets. Take a look!

Eat right foods

A major mistake that people make in their weight loss diet plan is that they do not consume right quantity of calories. Some take it too less while others take it in excess. The fact is that one should consume just right amount of calories according to his or her body mass. Eating proper amount of calories will fuel your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR and help in quick weight loss.

One can calculate the right amount of calories needed with the help of a BMR calculator that can be easily found online. It tells you about how many calories you need per day, depending upon the physical work you do. One should include whole grains, nuts and protein rich foods in his weight loss diet plan that help your body feel fuller for a long time.

It is quite possible that your body will gain some pounds initially, but you should not get scared as it is quite obvious. Right amount of calories help your body to heal, increase the metabolism rate and consequently leads to losing weight quickly.

Stay away from starvation diets

We often hear about crash diets or starvation https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/brand-connect/phentermine-over-the-counter-%E2%80%93-otc-phentermine-alternatives-near-me-468015 diets taken by models and movie stars. We hear that that they take lemonade, maple syrups, etc. for quick weight loss but do not hear about what happens with them after the diet is over. They again gain all that weight with added health effects.

One should never put his body on starvation diets as it leads to several bad effects on heath right from the tired & hungry body to crashed metabolic system. So, it is very important to feed your body appropriately so that it can work appropriately.

Exercise is the key

An ideal quick weight loss diet plan is a combination of right amount of calories and exercises. A number of the popular regimes do not include exercise and just focus on reducing calories, which is absolutely wrong. A combination of cardio and strength training helps a loss to achieve quick weight loss in a healthy way. Alternatively, you can also take up yoga as a part of your plan.